At Labels & Things, we care for our planet and its people. Hence, we take full responsibility for minimizing our impact. We prioritize eco-friendly solutions throughout our supply chain, from production to distribution. We employ relevant and environmentally friendly production techniques through our focus on the latest trends and R&D, allowing us to operate sustainably.
Accessories made from recyclable and biodegradable materials are our first choice. Given the collective effort required from all to protect our planet, we don’t just keep the knowledge to ourselves. We are eager to share our insights with our customers, leading to more sustainable choices.

Sustainability means more to us than the use of eco-friendly materials and technology. We view it as a new way of life. It’s not simply the impact on the environment, but rather the culture and knowledge that choices we make today impact what’s to come. With sustainability at heart, we cherish the well-being of our team and customers; we create a safe, pleasant, and motivating environment that results in meaningful and lasting collaborations.


All good things are meant to be shared. We are happy to assist and guide our customers toward more sustainable choices.
We always strive to provide the best possible solutions for our environment. Together, step by step, we can make a difference.


Given our focus on sustainability and making environmentally friendly decisions, R&D plays a pivotal role for us.
We are constantly seeking out the latest sustainable techniques, materials, and technologies to achieve our goals of protecting the planet and its people.


Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your logo, choose the perfect layout, modify menu settings, add animations, add shape dividers, increase engagement with call to action and more.

Woven Labels

Discover our wide range of recycled and bio cotton labels. We offer 100% recycled polyester labels warp/weft or simply recycled wefts. Select your color from our yarns chart of over 50 shades. …

If your color is not available, we can dye the yarns to obtain your perfect shade. All yarns are made of 100% recycled polyester from post-consumer plastic bottles.
If you are interested in a more natural look and feel, select your yarn from one of our bio cotton and bio mélange 100% organic charts.
Needle loom, broadloom, and shuttle loom are offered with sustainability on all machines.

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Printed Labels

From classic printed care labels made of 100% recycled polyester to the more sophisticated grosgrain, herringbone, canvas, light canvas, tubular and breaded tapes made with recyclable polyester yarn. …

Labels printed in TPU on recycled nylon base or Tyvek for a sportier and more technical look, both providing waterproof resistance.
Check out our recycled woven labels and tapes printed in sublimation.
Personalization of tencel and acetate silk tapes are possible for wrapping gifts in printed silk screen and hot foil.
GOTS organic cotton tapes, water base printed for an 100% sustainable look.
For more, see our latest news, labels printed on material made up of 50% recycled viscose and 50% polyesters, allowing for a soft and cozy look, ideal for handwriting, and highly resistant to washing.

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Check out our wide variety of eco-friendly papers. Not only FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council) papers but also recyclable, biodegradable, made in 100% selected fibers, bio plants papers, …

guaranteed chlorine-free, acid-free, absent of heavy metals, wind power made, CO2 zero emissions and waterproof.
If you are interested in bright colors and a shaved look, do not miss our Starbucks paper cups, available in 10 different colors.
We provide papers made from leather scratches, fruits, or nuts and residues of organic products mixed with virgin pulp and last but not leat, made of stone powder.
All kind of printing and finishing, using cords in cotton or twisted paper for an authentic look.

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A selection of different shapes and sizes of seals made in PLA and FSC materials, which adhere to SGS and GRS certificates, are available. …

Finished with either rounded or flat cords, in cotton, rayon, silk, or polyester.
Unlimited colors as well as shiny and matt effects. 

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sustainable eco friendly seal FSC material SGS certified 2

Recycled Real Leather

Explore our selection of recycled leather labels made of shredded leather scraps and residues collected from tanneries. From a natural look and feel in either classic black, off-white, grey, …

or brown shades to multiple proposals in PU water coating, available in a selection of colors and patterns. For a truly eco-leather or Vegetal leather look as it is commonly known, choose this metal-free leather produced with “wet-white” tanning or organic “white tanning”.

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Simil & Vegan Leather

Manufactured using techniques that reduce the environmental impact without comprising appearance, strength, and touch; qualities typically displayed in trims made of genuine leather. Additionally, we offer apple skin leather made …

using apple skin waste as well as plant-based simil leather made of 25% corn sugar cane and cellulose, both are available in 22 nuances. Our 100% biodegradable simil leather degrades by at least 90% within 6 months (180 days) which is in accordance with strict European standards. For products obtained fully from vegetal sources, read our story of pineapple leather.
Through a process called decortication, pineapple leaf fiber and agricultural waste products, transform into a leather-like material, resulting in 100% biodegradable nonwoven material for which production does not require extra land, fertilizers, and pesticides.

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sustainable eco friendly Apple skin leather patch. logo debossed


Introduced in 1873 by Levi’s on their denim overalls. Currently, jacron is still being used by jeans manufacturers but is quickly becoming a valid and relevant alternative …

to real leather and synthetic material, given its resistance and malleable nature at competitive prices. Made from mainly cellulose and latex providing a leather-like look, with resistant fiber withstanding many washes without impacting the appearance and structure. The progressive use and washing provide the label with a worn effect which is often appreciated. These are available in an array of different thicknesses, colors, and finishes. The use of jacron not only allows you to produce waist badges, hangtags, and labels but can be used to create accessories such as belts, shopping bags, tote bags, suit covers, and many more items.

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Microfiber & Suede

Made of 100% synthetic origin, a combination of polyester-polyamide-polyurethane. This ultra-fine fiber material, while very elastic yet manages to hold its shape, serves as a suitable material to be used for …

undergarments, outwear, home wear, and typical leather goods (e.g., wallets, handbags, backpacks, book covers, shoes, cell phone cases). Microfiber holds well over time and is more stain-resistant compared to other fabrics. Additionally, its durability and somewhat water-repellent nature make for a good substitute.
With or without coating, available in multiple colors and thicknesses. From a full grain fiber aspect to a vintage look or as ultrasuede, which represents a synthetic imitation of suede leather.

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sustainable eco friendly suede eco leather hot stamped

Silicone & TPU

Two of the most interesting petrol-free materials available on the market and more sustainable than PVC. Thanks to continued research and advancements in technology, we can offer eco-friendly badges …

and labels in any shape desired. Combining materials with recycled silicone or TPU grounded chips, we can mold our badges into a range of different shapes, colors, and finishings.
From a simple printing on fabric to a more complex 3D shape such as a keychain, zip puller, badges, cord sliders, and more.
Matt, shiny, fluorescent, iridescent, glow in the dark, the options are endless.
If you are looking for a more natural look, we can blend silicone and TPU with coffee beads, tee stalks, and cork chips.
The application possibilities for silicone and TPU are infinite, not only can they be applied to fabrics but almost any surface.
Branding for all kinds of merchandise and clothing can be done via heat transfer or stitching.

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Sustainable Fabrics

Select from one of our knitted and woven fabrics as well as recycled fabrics. From synthetic fabrics such as recycled PET, nylon, and viscose to organic cotton hemp, Tencel, and Yak fibers, blended or not. …

These come in a multitude of colors, weights, and qualities. They can be used in several ways from packaging to headwear and clothing.

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Chenille, raso, toothbrush, walking stitch, 3D, tatami, and more. Consider our recycled felt and nonwoven bases for …

a fully eco-friendly look.
Feel free to ask our professional advice to enhance your design.

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Tapes & Cords

Select one of our webbing tapes and cords from our sustainable range.
We offer herringbone, canvas, light canvas, tubular, breaded, drill, silk, and all kinds of printed patterns, from matt to shiny, available in different sizes and colors. …

Recycled polyester and nylon, tencel, acetate, partially recycled viscose, bio cotton, nonwoven and woven.
Tapes can be branded with your logo, either printed, spoken, embroidered, or weaved.

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See our wide range of GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified elastics, for all uses.
Jacquard of any type of weaving and patterns printed or simply spoken tapes, anti-slippery or not. Among our variety of sustainable yarns, we are proud to offer you …

“Repreve Our Ocean” recycled polyester and nylon fibers.
By turning more than 14 billion bottles into performance fiber, this leading manufacturer continues to protect our oceans, land, air, and natural resources.
Starting from 3000 meters, we can offer the best sustainable solution.

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sustainable eco friendly GRS certified elastics

Metal Items

From complex metal items to a simple button, discover our range of products made with recycled metals (zinc, alloy, copper).
By reprocessing unused samples and off-cuts, we create recycled items that hold all their properties. …

Discover our sustainable metal colors made without an electroplating process, minimizing your environmental footprint without compromising your design.
A reduction in water consumption, limited use of chemical substances, and a saving of electricity and thermal energy are a few of the keywords for this SGS audited and certified process.
Interested in biodegradable plastic buckles, buttons in bio-resin, or items made in aluminum , we are here to help.

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sustainable eco friendly buckle in aluminium


A wide variety of sustainable papers available. Leaded by the popular FSC certified paper (Forest Stewardship Council), whereby they have been sourced in an environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable manner. …

Additionally, don’t miss our selection of sustainable and nonwoven fabrics such as recycled viscose, GOTS certified cotton, recycled polyester, to be used for suit covers and dust bags in any other cases.
Do you want a whole set, which includes hangers and seals which are 100% sustainable: Yes, we can!

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Biodeagradable, Recycled & Reusable Bags

“I’m not the bag I used to be”, with this quote we invite you to discover the range of possibilities. Our 100% biodegradable and compostable bags are available in different thicknesses and formats, transparent or in milky colors, ideal for home and industrial usage. …

“I’m not the bag I used to be”, with this quote we invite you to discover the range of possibilities.
Our 100% biodegradable and compostable bags are available in different thicknesses and formats, transparent or in milky colors, ideal for home and industrial usage.

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Eco-friendly Caps

Select your sustainable and performance fabrics from our range of textiles to create your headwear.
Trimmed with recycled badges, embroidery, and labels. …

Braided with FSC hangtags and packed in a recyclable polybag. We can supply a fully eco-friendly finished product, from A to Z.

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